Tibetan Longwool Oblong – Shell


Tibetan Longwool Oblong Cushion

These gorgeous cushions from Auskin give a luxurious look to any setting. The wool is silky soft making it really tactile. It is a striking signature piece and looks fabulous on a chair or bed.

Additonal Colour Options: We stock Ivory and Shell. Other colours within our Urban range include: Birch, Dove, Charcoal and Black. For price and availability, email info@purelana.com.

Size: 28 x 56cm
Wool length: 15-20cm
Backing: 100% cotton velvet with zipper
Inner filling: Polyester
Available Colours: Shell, Portabellow

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Larger Size Cushions: Also available in 50cm square. This makes a beautiful centre piece for a bed and a fabulous floor cushion. Special order. Email for price to info@purelana.com

Product Care:
Do not place this product in direct sunlight. Colour fading will occur. Colour transfer from sheepskin may occur with perspiration or moisture. Soak up spills promptly with a damp cloth. Avoid prolonged exposure to solvent based surfaces.